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Extra large wall decor,On September 19tthey would, the “Longjiang Danqing Chinese language Dream-Art and Calligraphy of Heilongjiang Province” organised by Heilongjiang Provincial Party Committee Propaganda Department, Heilongjiang Cultural Federation, and Heilongjiang Art Association, Heilongjiang Reserve Association, Heilongjiang Art Art gallery “Jinjing Event of Functions” was held in Beijing Yanhuang Art Art gallery. From the Harbin design of the essential oil painting “Negative Film Impressions-Central Street”, to the drinking water steam in the streets depicted in the watercolor “Hurry No. 1”, to the city architectural texture provided in the print out “City Movement”, the exhibit shows the strong Heilongjiang features The elegance of dark ground tradition. Large Abstract Canvas

beautiful abstract paintings,Secretary Li Yi, party secretary and vice chairman of the Cina Federation of Literary and Artwork Federations, Zhao Shi, member and vice chairman of the Cina Federation of Literary and Art Federations, and responsible individuals from Xia Chao, Chen Hongwu, Tao Qin, Tian Wenyuan, Fu Daobin, etc. attended the starting wedding ceremony of the event.

This exhibit brings collectively 274 works thoroughly produced by Heilongjiang artists, including 111 calligraphy and engravings, 43 Chinese language art, 34 essential oil works of art, 33 images, 35 watercolors, 9 lacquer art, and statues. 9 parts, 3 invited parts. The exhibition works have got a very clear theme and elegant style, which is usually not really only complete of traditional historical but also modern artwork components; it exudes wealthy old-fashioned flavor and romantic poetic reflecting the Heilongjiang province painters, painters and feelings’ interest to fact and local artwork pursuit. The exhibit will end on August 27.

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black and white modern art.